Notas de la versión CoyIM 0.3.6

We are very proud to finally release CoyIM 0.3.6!

This is a small release that primarily fixes some issues and adds notification support for all platforms.

New features:

  • Add support for notifications on OS X and Windows
  • #268 - Add support for manually testing connection
  • #335 - Make it possible to save password when entering it
  • #350 - Add support for setting display name of local account
  • #304 - Make it configurable to show empty groups

Bug fixes:

  • Changes to notification settings should take effect immediately
  • Only show relevant notification settings for the platform in question
  • #280 - Clarify several of the status messages to improve understanding of encryption changes
  • #345 - Don’t hide people that are initially away
  • #346 - Display communication window when OTR failures happen
  • #347 - Remove race condition in password entry